Second Ward Community Revitalization


Rebuilding Together Houston is joining the City of Houston's Complete Communities initiative in the Second Ward by repairing the homes of qualified homeowners at NO COST to the homeowners.

Our work helps Houstonians stay in their homes by mitigating health and safety hazards and improving the home's overall stability.

If you’re a homeowner and if you qualify, please contact our office at (713) 659-2511.

Each home repair averages $25,000 in cost. Please support our efforts today!

Interested in volunteering? Fill the application below and make a difference.

Home Repair Programs


Damaged Roof

Professional, licensed contractors replace damaged or leaking roofs.


Home Leveling

To ensure home soundness, we may complete repairs to the structural system of the house, including leveling and floor repair.


Interior Safety Upgrades

At each inspection we evaluate the need for safety modifications. Our priorities include ensuring safe ingress and egress of the home, increasing indoor air quality, installing fire safety aides, and mitigating trip and fall hazards.


Exterior Repairs

If needed, volunteers seal the envelope of the home: scraping, caulking, and painting exterior walls; repairing siding and fascia; and securing doors and windows.

If you are not a resident of the Second Ward, but need help with home repairs. We are also taking applications for the following:

  • Exterior repairs for low-income elderly throughout Harris County

  • Contract work and exterior repairs for U.S. Military Veterans

  • Residents of Independence Heights impacted by Harvey

If you think any of these may apply to you, please call our office at (713) 659-2511 for more information.

What you need to know about the application and repair process


1. Screening: Home owner qualification and home eligibility

RTH has a 2-Step qualification process.  There is no guarantee that your home will receive repairs from RTH volunteers until your application has gone through all steps of the RTH qualification process.

First Step:  Qualification of the Homeowner

This includes completion of an application and receipt of all the supporting documentation listed on the first page of the application document.  Once all documents are received and vetted by our Client Services Coordinator, the application will move to Step 2.

Second Step:  Qualification of the Home

A RTH Housing Inspector will visit the home to identify the extent of repairs required to return the home to a “livable condition”.  During that meeting, the homeowner will acknowledge that they understand what work may be completed. Not all homes will be qualified.  To learn more about eligibility, homeowners may contact our office at or by phone at 713-659-2511.


2. Contract Work

For some homes, professional contractors will perform roofing, electrical, plumbing, and technical work called for by the inspector.  For services provided by a Contractor, an RTH representative will contact you to review the planned work.


3. Volunteer Work

For most homes, after contract work is complete, volunteers will complete the exterior work.  Some homes will be repaired entirely by volunteer teams. If your home is selected for the program, your crew leader will visit with you prior to working on your home with volunteers. 

In certain cases, the home may be reassigned to an additional crew of volunteers to complete unfinished tasks.


4. Final Inspections

When all specified work is complete, a Rebuilding Together Houston housing inspector will deliver a completion report for homeowner review and signature.

Warranties will be provided by contractors for certain aspects of work (e.g. roofs).

What we need from the homeowner during volunteer work days

  • Your availability and cooperation during the repair workdays.

  • Use of your facilities during the repairs (i.e., electricity, water, restroom).

  • Any relatives who are at the home and are able are strongly encouraged to assist with the repair work during the repair days. Family members who decline the opportunity to join the volunteer crew are encouraged to be absent on work days. This cooperation builds good relationships.

  • Pets need to be confined to areas not being repaired to ensure volunteer safety (i.e., in kennel, with neighbor or within a room inside the home).

  • Report any special information (i.e., gas leaks, unsafe areas) to the crew leader.

  • We encourage you to thank the crew for their volunteer work. Our crews are trained volunteers who are eager to lend a helping hand and have taken time from their families to help repair your home.