Home Build Timeline

Three to One Month(s) before the program

  • Get the word out early to members of your organization. Talk about your upcoming volunteer project and the work dates.
  • Visit our events calendar for information on the spring and fall dates.
  • When you know the relative size and skill of your crew, complete the Crew Commitment Form. Please note the crew registration deadline date is critical to our planning process.
  • Have recruitment meetings. Show photos and videos of past projects and to pique interest.  If you need photos, please feel free to use those on our website or facebook page. If you are a new crew, request a Rebuilding Together representative to present to your group.
  • Set a sign-up deadline.
  • Set up committees or individuals who can lead specific aspects of the project: Crew Leader(s), Safety Officer, Photographer, Social Media Coordinator, Runner, Food/Beverage Coordinator etc. Volunteers with all skills sets (not just construction) are helpful on a worksite!

Three Weeks Before Program

  • Attend the Rebuilding Together Crew Leader Meeting.
  • Visit your homeowner.
  • Check the assignment and materials list as you look over the house.
  • Make notes of additional tools and supplies you may need that Rebuilding Together can supply, and the tools and supplies you will need to bring.
  • Contact Rebuilding Together if you have problems, questions, or need additional materials as soon as possible.
  • Send reminders to crew members to sign up for your crew.

The Week of the Build

  • Pick up materials at the warehouse. Warehouse hours are listed in your Crew Leader Packet.
  • Make a follow-up call or send an email to volunteers to remind them of their commitment.  Make sure all volunteers have signed up online.
  • Make sure your volunteers are clear on the home location and parking.
  • Coordinate or order lunch for the build day.

Build Day

  • Hold a welcome meeting before beginning work, reviewing personal safety recommendations with your crew members, as well as work scope, and task assignments.
  • Invite the family out to meet volunteers and take a group photo. If they are comfortable, encourage the homeowner to tell a little bit about themselves.
  • Make sure each crew member has signed up online--completing safety information and waivers--before beginning work.
  • Flag low hanging wires, ant piles, uneven ground and tripping hazards.
  • Take “before” pictures of the home.
  • Distribute work assignments and get skilled people in place.
  • As Crew Leader, make sure critical jobs are worked on early, so the flow of work will guarantee the job will be completed on time.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, storms can blow in quickly.
  • Supervise for quality work and see that problems are fixed.
  • All unused material should be returned to the warehouse or stowed safely and securely for second work day.
  • Leave the entire worksite clean and photo ready.
  • Take “during” and “after” photos of the house and the crew working. Send to our communications@rebuildinghouston.org with your crew name and project address.
  • Return unused materials to warehouse at designated dates and times.
  • Bring trash to warehouse or to a dump. DO NOT use homeowner's trash can or leave onsite--this will cause the homeowner to be fined for construction debris.