Telling the Rebuilding Together Houston Story


On Site

Every crew receives a sign to place in the front yard of the home with the crew's name displayed along with Rebuilding Together Houston contact information.  This is a useful tool for directing interested neighbors who would like to know more about how to apply for Rebuilding Together Houston services. Please leave the sign when you are done with your project. Someone from RTH will remove it during final inspections.


Social Media

We need your help telling our story on social media.  The more people that see the fun they can have volunteering for Rebuilding Together Houston, the more people will want to  volunteer to help our neighbors in need!
Don't forget! Appoint a volunteer to be the Social Media coordinator; she/he will be in charge of sharing the Rebuilding Together Houston social media information with volunteers and sharing photos with relevant RTH staff.

The Essentials:

  • Facebook: @RebuildingTogetherHouston
  • Twitter: @RebuildingHou
  • Instagram: @RebuildingTogetherHouston
  • Website:

Current Hashtags:

  • #ReparingHomes
  • #RevitalizingNeighborhoods
  • #AfterHarvey

Tips and Tricks:

  • Check-in at Rebuilding Together Houston on your build site via Facebook to let all of your friends know the great cause you are supporting!
    • Click the check-in button located at the top right of your Facebook newsfeed.
    • Type in “Rebuilding Together Houston.”
    • Click the location, add a message, and then post.
  • Take multiple before and after pictures of the build. Don't forget to take from the same angles for maximum visual impact!
  • Post photos to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and tag us. Tag us by entering the @ symbol and typing in the corresponding name for the social media platform you are posting to (see above).
  • Encourage fellow volunteers and team members to get involved via social media. Don't forget to tag!
  • Use video! Both Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are very popular ways to spread the RTH story.
  • “Say Cheese!”  Get a group photo of your team and volunteers at the end of the build. Capture the picture perfect memory of the hard work you put into changing lives and your community!