Recruiting a Crew


To effectively match the volunteer crews to the home repair projects, it is important for Rebuilding Together Houston staff to have an accurate assessment of the overall skill level of each crew. Accurate measurement of volunteer skills and numbers assure that the project can be completed effectively and efficiently with minimal stress on everyone involved. This ensures a completed project that all will be proud of!

These requirements are general since each project is different:

  • Unskilled Crew (Level 1): Mostly unskilled crew members make minor home repairs: scraping, caulking, painting, replacing some siding, fascia, soffit. 
  • Semi-Skilled (Level 2): Crews can confidently complete basic repairs: siding replacement, fascia, soffits, screen work, window glass replacement, porch decking, stairs with handrails, pre-hung doors/locks.
  • Skilled (Level 3): Many crew members are skilled in building trades; others have some experience. Crew can do significant repair jobs like window unit replacement, and constructing wheelchair ramps. 
  • Highly Skilled (Level 4): Crew can do major repair projects requiring diverse skills: rebuild major structural support, significant siding replacement, and other highly skilled work.

Tips for Recruiting

Recruiting crew members is an essential piece of the crew leader process.

  • If your organization would like to volunteer, send out a notice (email or fliers) that gives the details about your group's involvement with Rebuilding Together Houston. Ask who will participate, what level their "do-it-yourself" skills are, and when they are available to work. 

  • Host a meeting and invite everyone interested in volunteering. Explain the program, show one of our videos and share your enthusiasm.

  • Request a Rebuilding Together representative visit your place of business or organization for a presentation to encourage participation.  (Contact Lenny DiFranza at for more information.)

  • Have all interested volunteers sign up on for your crew via the Rebuilding Together Houston website or your crew page.

  • If you are shooting for a crew of 20, sign up 25-30 people. That way, you're ensured of having a full crew when "life" gets in the way of the best laid plans.

  • How young can crew members be? RTH allows crew leaders to determine what age volunteer they will accept.  We suggest that volunteers under 15 have an adult accompany them.  Any minor that registers on the RTH site will receive an email with a form for their parent/guardian to complete and return to RTH.