Close Out is an important part of the rebuilding process (make sure to budget an hour to an hour and a half each work day for close out). Any materials left behind can easily become a burden on the homeowner, so we ask that you make sure all of the following steps are completed before the crew leaves the site:

  • Leave the entire worksite clean and photo ready.
  • Take "after" photos of the house at the same angle as the "before" photos.
  • Leave several cans of paint with the homeowner so that they can complete touch up jobs if need be.
  • All other unused material should be prepared for return to the warehouse or stored safety and securely if work continues. Please call Ralph Hillman to arrange up drop-off: (832) 358-5665
  • Arrange tool drop off with Toolbank.
  • NO Trash should be left in the homeowner's trash containers or on the side of the road.
  • Trash is to be returned to the warehouse dumpsters or to the city depository sites using the permit found in your crew leader packet.